Northern europes only magical theatre

We are running northern europes only magical theatre in Vretstorp, right between Göteborg och Stockholm in Sweden not far from the swedish demographic centre.


My company

I´m selling greenhouses in Sweden


We got a son

29:th of october 2013 we got our third child, a son named Simon


We got a daughter

At 18.34 19/8 2010 was our daughter born. The weight of her 50 cm long body was 3435g
More about this at Natali.


We got a son

18 Mars 2008 we got a son. Really exiting.

The weight was 3460g and he was 52 cm long.

More about Benjamin in swedish 



The fact that I write here very seldom means that every post is an important ocassion in life.
Last week 26/5 2007 I got married. It was a sunny and beutiful day. Really great.


Another mark on the lifeline reached...

So have I reached another mark on the lifeline. My 30:th birthday.
But life continues as usual. No big crisis. Although it doesn´t feel awfally good that my aployment ends at the end of this year. Hopefully I will find something else to do.
Reaching the 30:th also make you think about what you have achieved in life.
The years passes by so fast when you are employed. Life is going on.



The last two weeks this summer I attended a course arranged by the swedish red cross to be a medical care groupcommander in the swedish national home defense or hemvärnssjukvårdssgruppchef as it said on the diploma. Sounds great, but imagine the nametag. There must be a nametag wider than me for that word to fit in...
Anyway, It was a great cource. We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot of new things. The course was on Fårö, the north part of Gotland, so we also got some time to see the environment and the sea stacks (raukar) that Gotland is famous for. And of course swim in the sea.
Next week I will go climbing in Norway.


I´m engaged

june 17 2006 was the day I got engaged with Emma. A very happy day. I surprised her at the top of kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden, during our hike at kebnekaise. You can read about the hike and se some pictures at http://www.outdoor.se/tur/vandring/kebnekaise06.html (page in Swedish)


life is going on

now I´ve been living a couple of weeks here in Eskilstuna. The time just passes by real fast. Drove to Linköping yeasterday for the annual meeting in the martial art union where I have been a cashier. But not any more. Yea. More time to spend on the web. But now I will watch some tv for a change.


moved in

ok, now E and I finally moved to Eskilstuna and everything has been quite alright. The schedule was a little tight, but thanks to friends who helped a lot when moving out we got all the stuff out of the apartment. Unfortunately not everything fit in the van, but with help from U and an extra waggon, we got it all. Then a few hours sleep before driving away. E came a few hours later. Because we got the keys one hour later than expected I was one hour late when we were supposed to meet outside the apartment. Fortunately she was one hour late to so nowone had to wait ;) Then we moved in half of the stuff before lunch. After lunch when I would move back the van to get the rest of the stuff, it didn´t started, seemed to be something wrong with the battery. And just a few hours left before we should return the van. Anyhow we got the stuff out and when the time was up the van started.


back to work

ok, now I´m back to work after the winterholiday. The holiday was nice with christmas and some skiing in bydalen. Not very good weather though, so the topslopes were mostly closed. Not very fun. But nice to get some fresh air and some exercise for the legs with telemark skiing.



It´s been a while.
I have been visiting Stockholm two times recently. First we went to Cosmonova, and on saturday night Me, E and F went to Göta Källare, a club right at the exit from the tube at Medborgarplatsen. Really nice place with a big dancefloor and nice sofas. It looked a little like the club in the movie area54, as someone may have seen.
The other time in Stockholm was when F had his 30 year old birthday party where we hanged out at his place.
Oh, and then I had a birthday to. Some friends droped by, and it was really nice.

Se you around


Ok, I will give it a try

Ok, maybee my life is interesting enough to blog about. At least now that I´m not unemployed any more, at least a little more is happening in my life than before. I am employed as a substitute teacher at a highschool (gymnasium) in Eskilstuna, Sweden teaching maths and science. Now a physics teacher is on leave for two weeks so I have had more than a full time job to do. Maybee It will be a little less later. And besides that I have my own business managing webpages on the internet. Next year E and I are planning to move to Eskilstuna, since I´ve got the job til june 2006. I wonder what happens after that. Another question is what happens later in the future. Forbes is now managing a project at
where people can write an email to themselves, delivered 20 years from now. So here I will share some of my thoughts about life 20 years from now.
At that time I am almost 50. Hopefully I live in a house at the countryside with my wife and a couple of kids, having enough money so I don´t have to work more than I want to do, and have a lot of time spending in the nature. Another question is what the internet, the world wide web and the email system will look like. And if emailusage is the same. Maybee one dont have the same email address due to too much spam in the inbox, but hopefully I will.
I hope I will still care about other people and be a honest and respected man, with some expert knowledge in some scientific subject, and that I will have learnt a lot about life, religions, beliefs and still have my faith in God.


still thinking

I still havn´t figured out what to do with this blog. Just to write about everything I come across didn´t seemed quite interesting, becuase noone else has exactly the same interests as me. But them I come across the site http://www.intressant.se that is organising blogposts by subject
so when I write about martial arts people can find it in that category and when I write about internet people who check the internet category can find it, so I still could collect all post in one blog. Or I will just make an egoblog only of interest for the people around me. Well I will think about it and I will be back.



jake is back

I forgot the battery charger on my trip to north of Sweden but I will tell you more later.



Here it is a lot of stuff that should be fixed before I go up north for some hiking.
Hopfully I can upload this blog by the phone.  Tonight I promoted my page http://www.infart.se a little...



Today E and I went out in the forrest to pick some blueberries. We ended up with a couple of litres and then we swam in a lake before we went back. Nice. We found some mushrooms to so tonight we had pasta  and mushroom-sauce and then blueberry-pie and icecrem. Yammy...


attaching a small image

attaching a small image