moved in

ok, now E and I finally moved to Eskilstuna and everything has been quite alright. The schedule was a little tight, but thanks to friends who helped a lot when moving out we got all the stuff out of the apartment. Unfortunately not everything fit in the van, but with help from U and an extra waggon, we got it all. Then a few hours sleep before driving away. E came a few hours later. Because we got the keys one hour later than expected I was one hour late when we were supposed to meet outside the apartment. Fortunately she was one hour late to so nowone had to wait ;) Then we moved in half of the stuff before lunch. After lunch when I would move back the van to get the rest of the stuff, it didnĀ“t started, seemed to be something wrong with the battery. And just a few hours left before we should return the van. Anyhow we got the stuff out and when the time was up the van started.