Ok, I will give it a try

Ok, maybee my life is interesting enough to blog about. At least now that I´m not unemployed any more, at least a little more is happening in my life than before. I am employed as a substitute teacher at a highschool (gymnasium) in Eskilstuna, Sweden teaching maths and science. Now a physics teacher is on leave for two weeks so I have had more than a full time job to do. Maybee It will be a little less later. And besides that I have my own business managing webpages on the internet. Next year E and I are planning to move to Eskilstuna, since I´ve got the job til june 2006. I wonder what happens after that. Another question is what happens later in the future. Forbes is now managing a project at
where people can write an email to themselves, delivered 20 years from now. So here I will share some of my thoughts about life 20 years from now.
At that time I am almost 50. Hopefully I live in a house at the countryside with my wife and a couple of kids, having enough money so I don´t have to work more than I want to do, and have a lot of time spending in the nature. Another question is what the internet, the world wide web and the email system will look like. And if emailusage is the same. Maybee one dont have the same email address due to too much spam in the inbox, but hopefully I will.
I hope I will still care about other people and be a honest and respected man, with some expert knowledge in some scientific subject, and that I will have learnt a lot about life, religions, beliefs and still have my faith in God.


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